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It’s the end of the bounce

(the boob bounce, that is. Keep that bounce in your step poppin’)

Bounceless is an active wear brand and patented designed sports bra with Bounceless™ technology.

What the heck does technology have to do with a sports bra? 

So glad you asked. The Bounceless Control sports bra has two interior breast bands to provide additional support that current sports bras do not have. 

One breast band is constructed within the fabric as an extra layer of support at the top of the bust. The other breast brand can be worn across the bust for additional support of bounce reduction, if you choose.  

For lovers of movement with fuller busts, this sports bra was made for you by fuller bust active women. 

Our goal?

To ensure that YOU, regardless of bust size, have the support you need to get and stay active. 





When I started wearing TWO of them (at once), I should’ve known.

9 years old. 3rd grade. The birth of my bra wearing. By the time I was in 7th grade, I was definitely a C or D cup. 

During one track meet, I won the  200 meter race with my sports bra unzipped only to look over and see the, “OMG!” face of my mother - happy I’d won, not so happy that my breasts were the center of attention rather than my win. 

After this, I tried to wear smaller sports bras. I even wore two at the same time. Suddenly, that became the focus.

Not my personal best records or the many medals for my winnings. 

Things like… 

“I didn’t know Chantelle was that big” or “I didn’t think there was anyone as big as you [Chantelle] who could run fast” become normal parts of my day.

By the time college rolled around, I wore three sports bras at once praying to get back on the bus so I could get down to the relief of wearing just one. 

And the relief of thinking about my performance, my athleticism, instead of my fuller bust. 

That’s why I created the Bounceless Control sports bra. 

To help you focus on your form, your love of sports, movement and more knowing you have the solid support of your sports bra every jump, step, and kick of the way. 


Coming Soon


Debra & Chantelle (pictured left to right)