Does Your Sports Bra Have These Features?

Oh! The struggle is REAL! Finding a sports bra that provides the support needed. Where to begin?!

We've all had our share of failed attempts in finding sports bras that truly delivers. But those failed attempts can be a thing of the past.

The next time you go shopping for a sports bra, keep these features in mind.

Firstly, determine what type of sports bra you are needing. Type? Yes, type matters depending on your activity. If you are walking, stretching, or just want to wear a sports bra as your everyday bra, you can get by with not needing certain features.

But if you KNOW you will be doing more, you want to be sure you have these as part of your sports bra.

Something else to keep in mind before we get into the features is the size of your breast and exactly what you will be doing. If you carry a lot of weight up top and doing low impact activities such as walking or stretching, there still may be significant movement and bounce.

If your girls move a lot from walking or simple movement, read on.

Snug fit

Having a bra that fits snug will help reduce the bounce. The more snug, the more support you will have. Now, snug does not have to be uncomfortable. You should still be able to breathe!

The snug fit is based off several factors.

The size of the sports bra.

  • The tighter the band and cups, the more you are going to get that snug fit. Each brand is different when it comes to sizing, so be careful not to judge a sports bra by its size.

  • Of course, if you go down a size in a sports bra you will get a very snug fit.

The material the sports bra is made from.

  • Materials such as nylon, spandex, and power mesh. Sports bras made of cotton can provide support, but not as much as those made from compression fabrics as the ones previously mentioned.

  • Compression is what gives that snug fit.

The construction of the sports bra.

  • The design of a sports bra can go a long way in getting that snug fit. The band around the torso should fit snug. This is one of the first indicators that you are on the right track when it comes to the snug fit.

  • The design of the cups will also be a tell-tell of the fit. Cups designed with more than one panel (has stitching to brings material together to make one cup) may provide a more snug fit, depending on the size of your breast.

Adjustable straps

Just as you and your workouts need to be adjusted from time to time, so do your straps. Believe it or not, the straps provide a great deal of support. They can lift up the girls for proper positioning.

  • As your body changes, you should have the ability to make your sports bra fit along with those changes. Adjustable straps allow for more or less of a snug fit.

Secure zipper

If your sports bra comes with a zipper (and it should for easy on and off), then make sure the zipper locks. This will ensure that your girls don’t come out in the middle of your workout or whatever you may have going on.

Finding a sports bra with these three features will provide the comfort, confidence, and control you need in a sports bra!

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