Don’t Let Your Breast Get the Best of You

How many times have you decided against doing something because of your breast?

“I can’t wear this because it will make me look this way.”

“I can’t do that workout because the girls will be all over the place.”

As busty women, there may be some limitations we place on ourselves which can lead us to not fully embracing ourselves. Just because we were blessed in the chest does not mean that we have to be uncomfortable or be on constant alert of our self-esteem.

Don't let the girls weigh you down! When it comes to looking good and feeling good, there are a few tips and tricks that will keep the breast from getting the best of us.

Before going any further, we need to make sure we are in the right size bra from the jump.

Rules of thumb to know whether or not you are wearing the right size bra:

1.) The band should not ride up your back.

2.) The center piece where the cups connect should lie against your chest.

3.) You are on the last clasp of your bra and need more room. You should start with the first set of hook and eyes and work your way to the last set as the band stretches. Once you reach the last set and your bra is no longer providing support, it is time to replace that bra.

4.) Shoulder straps are tight and leave marks.

Let's talk about making the girls look good with fashion.

If the girls don’t sit right in a blouse our dress, it may be time to:

1.) Check that you are wearing the correct size blouse or shirt.

2.) Check that you are wearing the correct size bra.

3.) Adjust your girls in the bra.

4.) After adjusting the girls in the bra, adjust the straps, if needed.

Sometimes the simple things can make a huge difference in how our breast are presented.

Wearing camis as an additional layer and shirts with length can provide for a better look for busty women.

When it comes to dresses, wrap dresses provide the flexibility to adjust your look.

If you are looking to minimize your breast, the right size bra with the benefit of minimizing can help with this. Additionally, wearing looser tops or dresses will contribute to minimized breast.

When it comes to adjusting the girls so that they fit properly in the bra cups, cup each breast with your hand and lift them up. They should sit above the underwire or band.

Adjust the straps if needed.

Ladies. I have found that adjusting the straps makes a huge difference in the look and fit of my bras. Lift and support is provided.

The straps should not dig into your shoulders and leave marks. This is another sign that you are not wearing the right size bra.

Now that we’ve covered ways to not let our breast interfere with our fashion, let’s switch gears and take a look at how our breast will not get the best of us during physical activity.

All of the things discussed when it comes to fashion remain true when it comes to physical activity. Some additional tips include:

1.) When putting on a front closure sports bra, slightly bend over to get the girls in while closing to make getting into the sports bra easier.

2.) Adjust by cupping the breast with your hands and bringing up if needed.

Please note, sometimes, adjusting the breast in a sports bra will change the support provided. For example, more support may be provided when the breast are compressed prior to adjusting them. It really depends on the woman and her breast.

Most sports bras are made of moisture wicking fabric so that the sweat does not remain on your body. Women with large breast will sweat more in that area. Moisture wicking fabric is supposed to quickly move the sweat to the outer fabric and dry quickly.

Polyester, nylon, and spandex are fabrics you want to look for when it comes to moisture wicking sports wear.

Don't let the size of your breast interfere with what you wear or your workouts. With the right fit and supportive sports bra, you will find the comfort and confidence you need to accomplish what you set out to do.

You are in control to not let your breast get the best of you!

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