I've Been on This Journey for How Long?

Greetings! Thank you for visiting Comfort, Confidence, Control. It is with these words that I come to you and invite you on a journey of renewal and inner peace; an inevitable growth once we begin to define our strengths and face those challenges head on. By finding that COMFORT that lies within, and feeling CONFIDENT that who we are is largely based on how much CONTROL  we have over ourselves, we will see and feel differently about what we already own:  the power within to attain whatever it is our heart desire. 

It is time to gain COMFORT, be CONFIDENT, and in CONTROL of your health (mind, body, and soul), wealth (finances), and LIFE. Without health and wealth, life itself becomes a very high hurdle. While most people may agree on what health and wealth means, life is better defined by the individual. With that said, make it a priority to focus on you. Distractions will keep us from getting to where we need to be.

It is time to journey past our comfort zones and explore the many possibilities that await our presence. Where do you see yourself journeying? Who will you bring with you? Listen below to find out more about my journey with Concept C3. A huge "Thank You!" to Jameelah "LadynTech" for her work and amazing platform. She's also my cousin ya'll!

Chantelle ConceptC3 EUT Podcast Intervie
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This sports bra came out of a need that I had as an athlete, as I was doubling and tripling up on sports bras.


Concept C is derived out of three things that I wanted in a sports bra, which is comfort, confidence, and control.


I have turned it [Concept C] into a life brand.


I know that God’s timing is the right timing. So, I’m not disappointed in the lessons I’ve learned through this long journey.


LadynTech: If it’s a good idea, I don’t think it matters how long it’s taking to develop and bring it to fruition.


I’m a former athlete so I miss the competition. So I think I found a new thing to get that adrenaline going for me. It was a pitch competition. Black Tech Weekend back in November 2019. I decided to enter.


I’m not putting out anything that does not work for me. So you’re getting an ethical product.


Stay the course. Maintain patience. Take some you time because you are going to go through some peaks and valleys.


Sometimes you do have to pause and you have to take a step back. Pausing is okay but stopping is not.


I’m birthing an elephant!

"To infinity and beyond!"--Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

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