Just Start

What is something you have been meaning to start but just haven't taken that step yet? It could literally be as simple as taking the steps to walk. These days, you may find it challenging to make things happen. But you know what? If you just start with the smallest thing, you have started.

The start does not have to be a big undertaking. There are small things we should consider as the start. For example, if starting to run has been a challenge for you, start with just putting on your running shoes everyday and walk. This begins to form the habit that you are going out, with the anticipation of running. Just start.

Don't be an over achiever. That can be overrated. Do what you can and build upon that. If cutting out sweets is something you have been wanting to do, starting cold turkey may not be the best option. This works for some, but not most.

Be real with yourself. Start by eating sweets on certain days of the week (i.e. eat sweets on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday). You want to be successful in whatever you set out to do, so starting small will get you to that success.

Keep in mind, the language you use plays a part in your mindset as to how you approach your goal. Using the above sweets example, if the goal is to eat sweets three times a week, saying "Don't eat sweets four times a week" is negative because it already places you in a mindset of something you shouldn't do. It is easy to fall off if you focus on the negative.

Saying, "Eat sweets on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday" gives you permission and you are more likely to follow through and stick with your plan. This example provides a clearer direction as to how you are going to tackle your plan. Again, you want to be successful, so if starting off with one day for two weeks is attainable, start there.

Once you have accomplished a small goal, you will have established that feeling of comfort that you can then move on to something more challenging as you build up your confidence from your achievement. With these small steps, you are well on your way to controlling the outcomes you desire.

Tell at least one person what your goal is and when you plan to start so that you have an accountability partner. This can be really helpful as we all tend to lack motivation at times. Having someone check in on our progress can be a major contributor to our success. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you seek an accountability partner:

1.) Let them know you would like for someone to hold you accountable for your goal.

2.) Set clear expectations of when you would like for them to check in (daily, weekly, monthly, etc).

3.) What method would you like for check in (text, call, email, in-person)?

4.) Have an accountability partner who will be honest and keep it real with you. A yes person is not the best person for an accountability partner.

Remember, no one makes it alone in this world. We all need somebody. What is something you are needing or wanting to start? Leave a comment and let us know.

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