Pack Light!

Whether you are into New Year's resolutions or not, the start of new year is definitely a time to reflect on the past and make changes for the present and future.

Many of us are carrying around excess baggage that most likely is holding us back in some form or fashion. We go through life unconsciously holding on to something that hurt or scarred us not realizing the impact that it has made.

In the year 2000, Erykah Badu released a song entitled “Bag Lady”.

Bag lady you gone hurt your back

Dragging all them bags like that

I guess nobody ever told you

All you must hold onto, is you, is you, is you

The song is about a woman who is trying to begin a new relationship but has too much emotional “baggage” and can’t get close to people. The message of the song is to “pack light” and have hope for the future. Truer more optimistic words have never been spoken!

What is it that you are holding on to that might be hindering your growth or success? Don't bring that baggage into the new year!

Whatever it is, it’s time to let it go. Do some soul searching and maybe even try counseling so that you can let that baggage go in order to live your life to the fullest and reach your complete potential.

Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have that emotional baggage weighing you down. Would you be working your dream job? Starting that business you always thought about? Living your life freely and without regrets or doubt?

Rather than choosing to remain in your comfort zone and continuing to coast through life carrying that emotional baggage, find the confidence to tackle the issue head on and take back control of your life.

Wouldn’t you feel a lot better if you became the best possible version of you?

Although the song is about a romantic relationship, it could very well be about beginning a new relationship with yourself. Learning to love yourself is the best love affair one can ever have.

Regardless of what your baggage is, the message is still the same. “Pack light”

and have hope for the future.

As you reflect on what baggage to let go of, also reflect on the New You Bag and what you hope to put in it.

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