When Your Colors Speak

What are you saying when you show up to the world? Rather, what are the colors you are wearing telling others about you?

Colors have a way of setting the mood and can also reflect how you are currently feeling. When you think about your favorite color, consider WHY it’s your favorite. It has to make you feel some type of way, right?

And when you put that color on, it represents something about you. Even if it’s your favorite color because ‘it looks good on’, says something about YOU.

Let’s take a short color journey together.

Black is a color of sophistication and is very versatile. Black represents strength which is seen in power and authority. There is also some mystery to black.

  • Mood: Black can mean that you are tense, stressed, or overwhelmed.

  • Pairs well with: Any color.

Gray is a neutral yet versatile color. It can be dull and dingy as well as formal, conservative, and sophisticated.

  • Mood: Ehh. Gray doesn’t speak to any emotions.

  • Pairs well with: Pretty much any color.

Purple represents strength, peace, wisdom, and luxury. Royalty and wealth are associated with the color purple. There is power and nobility with this color.

  • Mood: Purple can mean that you are happy, passionate, or romantic.

  • Pairs well with: Orange and teal.

Blue is a color of stability, trust, and loyalty. It carries with it wisdom and calmness.

  • Mood: Blue can mean that you are rested, calm, and relaxed.

  • Pairs well with: Red.

Green represents nature, growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility.

  • Mood: Green can mean that you are in chill mode; you are not stressed.

  • Pairs well with: Yellow and pink.

Red is a color that you will either find yourself smiling or throwing something. Passion can sum up this color, whether it be passionate love or anger.

  • Mood: Either lovely or anger.

  • Pairs well with: Yellow, green, and blue.

Pink means sweet (shall we say...candy and gum), charming, and sensitivity. It is vibrant and energetic.

  • Mood: Playful and energetic.

  • Pairs well with: Red, grey, blue, and black.

Orange is an attention getter color. It represents energy, joy, creativity, determination, success, and encouragement.

  • Mood: Happy.

  • Pairs well with: Purple, blue, and olive.

Yellow is the most visible color from a distance. It exudes optimism, creativity, and enlightenment.

  • Mood: Joy.

  • Pairs well with: Blue, red, and black.

White is associated with purity, innocence, and cleanliness.

  • Mood: Boredom.

  • Pairs well with: Any color.

So, the next time you choose something to wear, think about the mood you are currently feeling and how you want to continue to feel. Find your comfort color that exudes confidence as you take control of your day!

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