Workouts to Kick Off the New You.

Is becoming more physically active one of your new year resolutions?

Join the club! Many of us are aspiring to be the healthier, and what better time to reset than the new year.

Here, we'll discuss some workouts for the three levels of intensity so that you can find where you best fit in when getting into a routine of physical health. Most of these activities you can do in the comfort of your own home.

If you have been out of the game of working out for a while, it is important to start with an activity level that you can complete. You want to feel accomplished at the end of the workout, so it is okay start with the basics and build up to more challenging workouts. No judgements here.

The three levels to consider for yourself involve impact and intensity.

Impact is how much force you are putting on your joints, such as low or high force. Typically, exercises can be modified to fit your comfort level.

Intensity is another factor to consider when choosing the right exercises. This includes the level of difficulty, or how much power you are exerting. Again, these exercises can and should be modified to your comfort level.

Low Impact

Low impact activities are those which require little force on your joints.

Common activities include:

Moderate Impact

Moderate impact activities are those which require a bit more effort, which increase your heart rate compared to the low impact. Common activities here include:

  • light weight training

  • cycling

  • ab workout

  • swimming

  • push-ups.

A combination of these exercises can easily increase the intensity of a moderate impact workout into a high impact workout. If you are wanting to do these exercises but at at lower intensity, modifications such as lower weights will do the trick. Additionally, modifications to abs and push-ups can be done.

High Impact

High impact activities are those which require a great deal of effort because you are putting a lot of force into your range of motion. Additionally, you can find greater challenging workouts in this category.

Common activities here include:

So no matter your fitness level, there is something for everyone. Find your comfort level to make it through a work out with confidence in order to take control of your health!

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